Nutrition Matters


People constantly search for the right nutrients that can deliver good nourishment in their life. A lot of planning goes into everything, from a simple bar to a complete meal. What, and how much is packed in each, is what matters to them.

Atmabala ensures that they deliver the essential nutrients in a comfortable form.

It Influences our actions in everything we create. Whether it’s the bar, the drink, or the mix.



Atmabala was inspired by the longing to experience the right amount of nutrition and nourishment in every meal. Founded by active fitness practitioners for over a decade with right knowledge and expertise. Backed with certification in Nutrition, the founders have formulated an interesting mix of western nutritional science & Indian Ayurveda. Integrating the Ayurvedic practices in their daily life inspired them to start the journey to enhance the well being of every human being.

Delivering Essential Nutrients in every meal

The Team

The Btein products are developed by a distributed team of experienced food scientists in the USA, Ayurvedic Practitioners in India with deep pharmacological knowledge and nutritionists backed by FDA approved laboratories. Saran, one of the founders of Atmabala, is a certified nutritional coach and a fitness practitioner, who oversees the development of the Btein Products managing the distributed teams.


What do we do?

We offer products such as protein bars packed with high quality vegetarian protein, all natural ingredients, Low GI sugars, high in Ashwagandha*. In a few months, we will have Protein supplements which can be consumed by Vegans.

" * DISCLAIMER: Health and nutritional benefits information on this site is the opinion of certified nutritional coaches and experienced Ayurvedic practitioners. This information should not be construed as medical advice or care. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider before beginning any health- and nutrition-related activity."